"Good design makes you want to engage with it.” 

Months ago, Hege came to us (Elise Ness CompEdge graphic designer extraordinaire and I) and said Communicate, a beloved tech customer of ours for 3 years now, wanted to host two Livestreams; One for the retail industry and one for the construction industry. 

We knew we were up against the challenge of people being sick of digital conferences so we knew the concept needed to have some pizzazz. We also saw this as an opportunity to scale the Communicate brand and to get them to see how captivating content can be when we have more brand elements to play with; More colors, more graphics, more designs, more freedom. 

Our goal was to create something dynamic enough to get people’s attention and scalable enough to grow with Communicate for years to come. It was decided that the Livestream theme would be Rask Digital Utvikling. This is a major pillar of Communicate’s brand and it would be comprehensive enough to allow for diverse topics to be included in future livestreams. 

The Livestream design concept needed its own identity while still having a red line to Communicate’s brand. We wanted the designs to feel alive and to be a key component to the success of the Livestream, making people excited to attend the event. Some of the deliverables included a logo, color palette, typeface, design elements, and animations that would be used on social media and a new landing page. 

We started by researching other conference concepts that made us say, “faen, this is cool.” We mood boarded and gathered visuals that grabbed our attention and inspired us. We looked at what we had created for Communicate in the past for scalability opportunities. We asked ourselves, "What is going to make the community remember Communicate?" 

This foundation of inspiration then led us to get our hands dirty and experiment. Taking Communicate’s colors, red and green, and finding other colors to expand the color palette that would make the Livestream concept feel fresh. We introduced a light blue, a yellow, and a peach. 

“We found a way to incorporate fresh colors into the red and green color palette.” - Elise Ness

Elise felt incredibly inspired by the mood board, inspiration, and color palette we developed and was off to the races creating a stylescape. A stylescape is a collation of images, designs, colors, typography, and patterns that help preview a project's visual direction. We show the stylescape to the customer to get feedback and to see if they feel we have gone in the right direction for the design concept. 

This time, the customer had no feedback other than, “Fyyyyy faen, this is sooo cool!” Ranja's reaction to the stylescape goes down in the CompEdge books as one of the best client reactions ever. She basicly fell out of her chair...

So it was safe to say we had the green light to continue developing content. Elise made SoMe visuals, visuals for the landing page, panel member visuals designed to look like a russekort, teaser videos with animation, and other Livestream elements like Elise’s favorite design, the “404 technical error” visual. 

Elise’s designs for RDU began with a grid, to establish a composition, and then added elements that break her rules and give the design personality. She experiments in Illustrator, building then deconstructing, adding then subtracting. Each element in the designs has a connection to Communicate and the target audience of the Livestreams, created to spark engagement and to make people enjoy partaking in the event.

What makes this a success is that we know the Communicate brand well and had a total understanding of what the Livestream needed to achieve. They trusted us to push their brand and gave us creative freedom to create designs that their target audience would want to interact with. Elise says, “good design makes you want to engage with it,” and Communicate was happily surprised with what their CompEdge crew delivered for their first, and definitely not the last Livestream. 

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