Employee Photos - What do yours say about your company?

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If your employees represent your company, and employee photos represent your employees, how do employee photos represent your company? 

Employee photos say something about your organization. If you claim you’re an innovative and revolutionary company, but introduce your people to the world through boring, white background, no personality photos, there’s a misalignment in your brand. 

At CompEdge, our strongest asset is our crew; The creative people who like to intervene in lame processes and make them memorable. So when it was time to shoot new employee photos for the compedge.no revamp (check it out, it’s sick) we got imaginative. We wanted these picks to be beautiful enough to be in an magazine but gritty enough to represent who CompEdge is. 

Jimmy led the project and coordinated a scene with each employee, asking for their input to make sure the shoot was an accurate representation of the individual. During this process, our people were buzzing; There was an excitement that came from working on something as a team and getting to go crazy in true CompEdge fashion. 

The results? Well, have a look. The photos grace our website and it’s safe to say each and every employee has plastered the images on their social media with pride. They’re not like any employee photos you’ve seen before; One of a kind and truly CompEdge. They speak on behalf of our brand and say, “This is a company that does shit differently.” Not to mention they showcase our talented in-house photographers. 

So I challenge you to re-think how employees are presented to your community. Remember that every detail matters and it’s the accumulation of details that deliver the gut feeling that is your brand. 

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