Employer Branding In A Time Of Crisis

Kelsey Louise Ozuna
24.03.20 21:26

Shit has really hit the fan. No need to rehash what’s gone down, because I am sure everyone already knows. Unless you live under a rock. Which in that case, I envy you.

I see so many companies sharing endless content about their home offices. If you’ve seen one home office post then you’ve seen them all. Honestly, it’s a little lazy to include that in your marketing and branding strategy when everyone else is doing it.

What I’m missing from my feed is content featuring companies and its employees sharing how their shared values are shining a light through the dark tunnel we are all currently in. 

As we are all forced to abandon our offices and work from home, now is the time for those values to take center stage and lead us to the other side of this crisis. They’re what motivates us and keeps us going when everything is so up in the air.

The other day I saw a comment on a LinkedIn post that stopped me in my tracks. It was from a hospitality worker at one of Norway’s largest hotel chains. He shared that he had just been laid off and there were no hard feelings towards his employer. He loves his company and knows that they had to do what they had to do in order to survive. 

It was such an impactful comment. Without ever having worked at this hotel chain, I gained an immediate understanding of what kind of work environment they had. It was employer branding at its best.

At CompEdge, our own values were quickly put to the test as we packed up our things and retreated to our makeshift home offices. 

I won’t lie. At first, when things started to shut down and we were told to stay at home, I had a pit in the bottom of my stomach. Too many worries and thoughts hit me all at once. I didn’t know what the future would look like and was concerned about how we would do business if B2B Norge was shuttering its doors.

Things seemed bleak for a hot minute.

Then, Adrian came up with an action plan and reminded us of who we are and why we are at CompEdge. To build Norges Råeste Marketing Agency. Even in the middle of a crisis. We were going to not only keep fighting for ourselves, but for the whole B2B industry, in the only way we know how: loud and real.

If that’s not rått og ekte, then I don’t know what is.


Gathering 17 people who are used to collaborating in person, onto an online space with only a day’s notice was not an easy feat. But we did it and have learned how to interact in new ways, like over our morning video meetings that I've affectionately dubbed: "The CompEdge Morning Show".

Over the past week we have mobilized to think differently and keep delivering to our existing clients and bringing in new ones. It’s not in our orange blood to give up when facing adversity. And it’s not in our DNA to accept the status quo.

This was made possible all because we're being guided what was already in place: our values and our why.


So many other companies that I’ve seen in both traditional media and social media, both here in Norway and in the US; were left scrambling as this crisis hit. They are companies that already had a bad reputation as an employer (I won't name names). Some even refused to let their employees work from home until the government forced their hands by implementing extraordinary measures. Do you think those employees are going to want to stick around once this pandemic blows over?

I have no doubt that the Corona Virus inevitably made each and every one of us at CompEdge that more loyal to our cause. We could've given up and bowed out to wait for the storm to pass. But instead, we are dancing in the rain and gaining momentum like never before.

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