Kelsey's Employer Branding Series: Elina Serkedzhieva, Employer Branding & Recruitment Manager at Boston Consulting Group

Kelsey Louise Ozuna
24.04.19 14:37

When I first reached out to Elina back in March it was for a number of reasons. The main one being of course to bring you this great episode about employer branding, but also for personal reasons. How could I not invite someone who in their LinkedIn profile states: I believe that in all areas of life, and even more so in HR, you must act as if what you do makes a difference. Because it does.

Elina, like myself, has an education in psychology and has used that as the foundation for her career in recruitment and employer branding. I was delighted to find just how much we have in common outside of our academic path, in that we both put a great emphasis on empathy and compassion. 

Elina and Kelsey discuss employer brandingShe shared with us a story about how implementing empathy and compassion into the recruitment process makes an impact on a candidate. By removing the cold automated responses, you choose to acknowledge the person on the other side and make them feel both seen and heard. She was directly confronted with this at a conference where after being introduced to someone, they promptly exclaimed "You're the woman who rejected me for a job!". Which for anyone would be an anxiety inducing moment. Luckily though, Elina's personal touch of going the extra mile made a very positive impression because she followed up with: "I have never received a kinder rejection in my life and I forwarded it to all of my friends". She had made a difference in this candidate's experience even though she didn't end up getting the job.

This was one of my favorite episodes to record and I realized afterwards how inspired I've been since our talk. Give us a listen, after the jump!