Kelsey's Employer Branding Series: Hans Petter Stub, Head of Employer Branding at Whydentify

Kelsey Louise Ozuna
15.05.19 16:11

Ok, so people keep asking me which episode is my favorite and I honestly don't know how to answer that question, as each of my guests have brought unique and valuable insights into how they work with employer branding. But, this episode might just be up there in my "favorites" category.

Hans Petter himself claims that employer branding is dear to his heart. Something which isn't so weird as he has dedicated a lot of time in perfecting this craft. Hans Petter is the Head of Employer Branding and Partner at Whydentify, a specialist agency that helps others achieve their goals in recruitment and employer branding.

A benefit of having such a knowledgable guest in the podcast studio was that I walked away with a ton of Employer Branding wisdom from someone who lives, breathes and eats the stuff for breakfast. With a background in both the more traditional consumer branding and employer branding, Hans Petter sure knows his stuff.

Hans Petter and Kelsey in the podcast studioSome of the gems he shared with us were the point of employer branding, the candidate experience and how to fit a large employer brand into the local Norwegian market. As always, I asked him what's his one secret to success. Something that you'll find out at the end of this treasure trove of an episode!

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Confession time. My dear listeners. I have two apologies for you. One; this episode was recorded at a time before I learned I was allowed to listen to my guest talk without interjecting "ja" and "mm" (like the true Norwegian I am), so believe me when I say I'm a bit annoyed with myself when I listen to it. I swear I know better now! And secondly, during this recording we were in the process of renovating our office so there are some occasional drilling and hammering sounds. I'd like to thank my guest for not skipping a beat and continuing on with the show despite the loud sounds of our company expanding into the floor above us. Since us CompEdge'rs have it in our blood to be "rå og ekte" , we believe the sound of our renovation only adds to the ambient experience.