Kelsey's Employer Branding Series: Kaja Thorvaldsen, Employee Communications & Employer Branding Lead at Accenture

Kelsey Louise Ozuna
22.05.19 15:13

Well, here we are folks. The final episode of my employer branding series. What a ride it's been! If you would have told me one year ago that I would be hosting my own podcast series and interviewing bright and empathetic minds, I would laughed in your face. This journey has been something else. How lucky am I to have been able to hear about these employer branding stories up close? 

So last but not least, my final guest is Kaja Thorvaldsen from Accenture where she works with employee communication and employer branding. With experience in communication, social media and a passion for working with people, she made for an interesting guest!

Kaja has an untraditional educational background in comparison to my other guests. She studied Media & Communication for both her undergrad and graduate degree and says she uses her education every single day at work, drawing from her knowledge of rhetoric especially. This intrigued me because not only had I studied Media & Communication in upper secondary school, but I was curious as to how she applied this to her work. 

She gave me the answer as she described that with every piece of content she pushes out, both internally and externally, she keeps the modes of persuasion in mind: ethos (credibility), pathos (emotion) and logos (facts). An effective message has all three, and you can't have one without the other.

Kaja and Kelsey in the podcast studioAs usual, I asked my guest to share with us one secret to succeed with employer branding. Hers was a heart felt answer that included showing off, in an authentic way, all sides of the employee experience, including parental leave. I don't know of many companies that have thought of including that in their employer brand story, and I commend Accenture for doing so! 

To all of my listeners, thank you for coming along with me for this adventure. When I started out, I was nervous to sit in front of the microphone across from strangers, overthinking what I was going to say. I was even more nervous to put my Texawegian accent out on the inter-webs. But as I gained traction, I found myself more and more comfortable putting on the headphones and confidently navigating interviews. I learned a lesson along the way: life is meant to be lived outside your comfort zone.

While this is the last episode of this employer branding series, don't be surprised if I pop up in the studio again. Aside from that, exciting things are a-brewing, and stay tuned for my newest baby: my upcoming e-book that'll give you the deets on how to implement an authentic and effective employer brand.