Kelsey's Employer Branding Series: Monica Hammer, HR-Direktør hos

Kelsey Louise Ozuna
02.05.19 10:34

My level of excitement was high as I waited for Monica Hammer from THE to walk into our door on the 6th floor. After all, she helped build the award-winning company culture at hele Norges markedsplass where for fourteen years in a row, they have stood on the podium at Best Place To Work and placed amongst the top three. Something that surprised me in this interview was how Finn is essentially a technology company with a strong employee population in not only marketing and sales, but engineers and developers. 

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Monica came armed with an abundance of wisdom from her years working in HR. It was a joy to sit down and discuss the field that she is so clearly passionate about, as well as gain some insider tips on how to go about employer branding- both with an internal strategy by creating an environment that makes their almost 450 employees proud to work there, as well as an external strategy- making their presence known in the ever competitive marketplace.