Kelsey's Employer Branding Series: Tonje Magnussøn, Employer Branding & Recruitment Manager hos SATS

Kelsey Louise Ozuna
08.05.19 15:49

As a member of SATS and an admirer of their post-Christmas campaign, I was thrilled to be able to sit down and speak with the person responsible for recruiting the very people who I see everyday (let's pretend it's everyday) when I walk into the gym.

Tonje has an extensive history in HR and employer branding, most of which happened at And what a happy coincidence that was, as I had just hosted Monica Hammer, Finn's HR Director a week or two before we recorded this episode.

Kelsey annd Tonje in the podcast room

We discussed how it's important to find the people who identify with your company's mission, which in SATS case is to get people from the sofa to the gym, and challenging beliefs that fitness is for everyone; not just the elite or the well trained. A company's culture is key to a successful employer brand, according to Tonje and shouldn't be wrapped up in golden paper just to end up being something completely different than what was presented to the candidate.

Per usual, I asked Tonje if she has a secret to share with us about how to succeed in employer branding. Something which you won't find out unless you press play! So sit back, get comfy and put your listening ears on. You might just learn something new.

(This episode is in Norwegian).