Kelsey's Employer Branding Series: Kate Ingram, Vice President at Orkla

Kelsey Louise Ozuna
10.04.19 11:23

It was a normal Friday. That end-of-the-week buzz was in the air but I couldn’t focus on just that yet, because I had a very special guest on the way to our offices at Storgata 5. As 11:30 got closer and closer, I grew a little nervous. I love meeting new people but all of a sudden I was going to be sitting in the podcast chair that my boss, Adrian, usually occupies. How does one even conduct a podcast interview? How do you keep the natural flow of conversation while also remembering to follow up on questions you have? How do I keep you guys, the audience, in mind while talking? I was driving myself loco trying to perfect my interview technique. Then I remembered that getting out of your comfort zone is supposed to be uncomfortable but it almost always ends up to be incredibly rewarding. So I threw out my notes on techniques and had a very engaging conversation with Kate, who I quickly found a good tone with. An added bonus was that we both got to speak in our first language, English!

Kate Ingram from Orkla talking in the podcast studioIt was so fascinating for me to hear her describe her own journey through employer branding from her start in recruitment at a firm in London, to developing the employer branding initiative at Coca-Cola Norge. What I found most interesting was how she built Orkla’s employer brand by talking to everyone from senior management to those on the front line of Orkla’s many brands in every single country they operate in. Every voice mattered and contributed in creating the company wide identity with the concept: "A Home to Grow".

Well, I don't want to spoil the whole conversation, so why don't you scroll down and have a listen?